Yesterday I received a Divine Answer to a question that had been worrying me for a month. The ‘answer’ came in as a beautiful feeling of peace. I am finally not troubled anymore. 

Before I go on to detail the troubled question and the answer I was seeking, I need to narrate a rather sweet experience at my office today. A colleague, (whose parents had left for their home country a year ago) was missing her family immensely as she passed Shrove Tuesday without her favorite pancakes that her mother prepared all these years. It is her first Lenten season without them and she was nostalgic the entire day about what it would have been had they been around. By mid-day she received a parcel via courier. She opened the sealed bag to find a prayer book and a list of ‘things to do during Lent’. Her father had sent the sweet surprise and yes, she was ever-grateful. We spoke at length about the list, which in fact was an itenary for all 50 days – the days she will to go to church, the days she will visit a sick person at the hospital, the day she will cook something new for a laborer, etc. A wonderful itenary, i thought. She tried to call her father to thank him, but he was unreachable. A few hours passed, and she came into my cubicle screaming, “Guess what!! My dad is here! this parcel is dated today, and the sender’s address is my home!” She frantically dialled her landline and indeed was confirmed by her dad’s voice on the other end. She cried, she laughed and was still holding the phone with disbelief. Her father asked, “what took you so long?”, apparently disappointed that she took the entire day to realise. When she finally ended the conversation, even I seemed to have the same question: What finally made her realise? “The prayerbook”, she explained, “is from home, I was wondering how it landed in my parcel!!”. In short, she missed the first obvious hint of the prayerbook, and then the next hint being the sender’s address on the courier label.

Evening came, and it was time to leave the office, my over-joyed colleague accompanied me to the exit, and said that she promised she would spend each day fully with her parents, as they were here for a month and thus celebrate Lent together.

That night during my reflection, it dawned on me the complete reason why I had to experience the scenario for today. My colleague always knew her father was the ‘surprise-type’ but she underestimated the extent of his surprise. I reflected, how often I underestimate my heavenly Father in His daily gifts, by failing to look at ‘the obvious’. A month ago I was fervently looking upon changing my career, and I passed a particular job interview on all 3 stages. My final interview however was the one with the CEO of the firm, and for some reason I was disqualified. The result was shocking – not because I was disqualified, but because if my Father knew I would fail in the final, why raise my hopes with each passing level? Today, I came to know that a team member (from my department) was due to resign by end of this month. It would have been a terrible blow to my company if both of us had to resign at the same time. I finally got my answer that it was not the right time for me. All the same, it ws required that I pass the interview levels so as not to lose confidence in myself.

Now, piecing the two office events, i came to know how my Father speaks to me. He speaks to us in unique ways – for some it may be surprises, for others through people, and for others through answers. It is very vital to understand this mode of communication; thats the sole purpose of Lent; thats exactly how Jesus spent 40 days and nights knowing His Father, and like my colleague, I too promise to spend each lenten day giving my Father the Divine time He deserves.


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Today is the 'tomorrow' we were worried about...i noticed this bumper sticker a while back and couldnt help but think how true it is. A wise man once said that each one's life is a unique 'coded' pre-assigned journey towards finding true treasure. Our clues or 'codes' will be handed to us along the way if we dare to accept them as they come. Thought I'll share a few of these right here.... View all posts by seldomblogger

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