And life slips away

The other day I came across a random article about how the earth could be hit by an asteroid in the year 2040. I am interested in astronomy due to my brief glimpses of the solar system episodes on NatGeo which I find very fascinating. So I read this article which goes on to explain how the earth has a 1 in 625 probability of being hit by this asteroid and that scientists are working out ways to try and deflect this collision. What caught my eye was that 2040 was another 28 years away. I quickly calculated how old I would be that year. I would be almost 60 in 30 years.That could not be right, I thought. I couldn’t have just 30 years to be a senior citizen.

But the fact is that it is true. In the passing and often seemingly boring days I keep forgetting that time is racing by. It is already the third month of the year and soon I will turn another year older. What pricks my conscience though is the fact that I have not done anything productive with my life. I read somewhere once that no matter how bad my day is, I should thank myself for simply being alive as someone else around the world is fighting just to survive. Sometimes I get these messages coming to me from the least expected places and I piece them together to realise an important truth. In this case it is simply that I am letting my life slip away.

I fail to acknowledge the fact that each new day is a gift from the Lord.  It is easy to ignore the small miracles in search for the larger and often material blessings. Everyone has a different way of connection with the Divine and my way of connecting with Him is through nature. When I am caught up in the beauty of the mountains, sea, earth, plants and flowers; I feel His presence. It is a very personal and beautiful experience of God and such encounters prove to me that I serve a mighty God. But why do I not see this beauty everyday?

Sometimes, I imagine a silly childish scenario of my after- life, which is not my view in the normal world.  In my make- vision I imagine that I die and go up to the huge white pearly gate where I would assume Peter in his white robe would take out my book of life and weigh my positives versus the negatives. What I hope is finally when I meet God and He asks me what have I done with His gift of life to me, I am able to tell Him without remorse and regret that I have done something constructive with my limited time on earth. That I have not wasted it in hopes of leaving my happiness on others and live in regret on not doing what I wanted. And that I have been able to use my talents (again His gift) on earth and  have done a small albeit tiny part in making the world a better place.


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