Love and Godly love

I have been thinking a lot about love lately. There used to be a time when I thought true love exists only in movies and I know I am not alone.Love has to be most celebrated of all human emotions. I believe most women secretly admire great love stories/movies because there is a little girl inside her who wants to be swept off her feet by someone who is madly in love with her. A woman wants to be the most beautiful and loved person for her man and ideally it is a man who will go to great lengths to attain it. Which woman does not like to be chased for love?

Where love stories end in movies, it begins in real life. Suddenly you realise the mysterious aura of your lady love irritates your very being or the wild side of your man you once so admired has completely lost its charm. And many other such traits become undesirable. Marriage is not easy. No one can prepare for it before taking the leap. Love in a marriage is not infatuation but love in spite of the differences of opinions, attitudes, culture and priorities. Not many are willing to live for this love and fewer get to taste it.

True love is unconditional and it need not be returned in the same level as given or may not be returned at all. This concept is difficult to fathom as it means to completely love a person with your whole being and letting go of ego and pride in the process. It is not for everyone which is why great love stories live over time. It involves pain, hurt, sacrifice and compromise. It is what man has lived, died and fought for and to find it is a great treasure.

My love experience with the Divine can be described as mostly an on and off relation to mortal terms. I do love Him and I also realise it is a selfish love. Conditional from my side and unconditional from His. Yet in many ways small and big I see His love, gestures and messages.  But I sometimes wonder if He loves others more than me. There would be others who are more good, righteous, prayerful and leading a better Christian life. Am I doing enough?  Does God have a favourite?  He surely would love Mother Teresa and the rest of the saints more than me. What chance do I have when there are so many worthy of His love? Hard to understand how He loves us all equally and I know He does. No matter how imperfect I am, I know He could not love me less. Because I am beautiful in His eyes, selfish and imperfect that I may be. That is love. Pure, unconditional and true.


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