A woman’s vocation

The Woman …

Sometimes I wonder how we are to be referred – the fairer sex or the inferior one? Depending on one’s state of mind, each woman may find her definition alternate from time to time. I’m not sure why we were created..different Scriptures portray different explanations, with the Bible claiming that ‘woman’ was created a while after man, simply because man could not find any other suitable companion from all the rest of creation, and then generations could only come forth from and with the ‘woman’. Hence our status cannot be judged as inferior nor superior but rather mandatory.

The world today has thankfully come a long way in recognising the importance of women, though reluctantly not yet. I say this because despite having women employers, business owners, and even politicians, her capacity is still doubted upon, her strength is still questioned. Errors committed by women politicians will make greater headlines than the countless scams committed by men century after century. Her mistakes were because she was a woman, his mistakes was because he’s after all human.

The biggest setback a woman faces is when she decides to swim against the regular tide – when she plans to live differently, when she makes decisions that ‘normal’ women don’t make. It seems like the entire world is waiting for her failure, and to say ‘ I told you so’. I have been a victim of similar circumstance when I decided to forgo my marriage plans for the time being. A few years ago, I decided not to join the marathon of over anxious women who want to tie the knot before the ‘Age-30-deadline’. Unfortunately this decision is not well received in the asian subcontinent. Some of the most challenging questions I’ve encountered almost once every week are: ‘Don’t you feel you will eventually get lonely and depressed? Did you fail in love? Do you have any permanent physical or mental disabilities? Are you trying to lose weight first? Is it not a sin? How much longer do you plan to stay irresponsible? Why are you increasing your parents’ burden? Do you tend to get rejections a lot? Are you homosexual?’ Like these are not enough, I’ve even openly received forecasts about myself: ‘If you get married later, you will get all old and useless men…If you marry late, your kids will be physically deformed or perhaps you wont have any…you will be a scandal in every house, no woman will call you to her home for fear of the effect you may have on her husband (wow!!)’

In all of the above statements and questions, if looked upon really closely, one can find the absence of God in their lives. If each of the above are to be even slightly believed, then their faith in God is merely lip service, and marriage therefore only remains to them as a means of duty and task achievement. Its important to realise that everyday is a vocation given by God. A vocation is a Divine call, whereby one is needed to complete / fulfill / beautify / experience something to achieve the purpose for which he or she was created. And if such vocations can be respected in a man, it should be equally respected in a woman; therefore entrust all to God, for He will be the One behind every grace, every miracle and every beloved call.


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Today is the 'tomorrow' we were worried about...i noticed this bumper sticker a while back and couldnt help but think how true it is. A wise man once said that each one's life is a unique 'coded' pre-assigned journey towards finding true treasure. Our clues or 'codes' will be handed to us along the way if we dare to accept them as they come. Thought I'll share a few of these right here.... View all posts by seldomblogger

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